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Where writing is my Passion…

but the kids are definitely my life! With three daughters, it gets a little chaotic in my house. Hang out with us as I try to hang on to the last shred of sanity I have!
I’ve been writing my entire life and while being Mom is my number one priority, sitting down to share tips and activities gets me through the day.

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Mental Health Advocate

Not so fearlessly me!

As someone who has lived with major depression and generalized anxiety, I find it’s healthy to talk openly and share experiences with it. I want everyone to feel welcome, share in our lives and hopefully help break the stigma of mental health issues.
You are not alone – we can get through this together. The anxiety doesn’t have to win!!

All Girls…send help!

My Valkyries

The next one will be a boy! They said. What’s one more? I said. Octavia rounds out our crew of Valkyries, three amazing and only kind of insane kids who complete my soul. My girls are my life. My life is my girls. That doesn’t mean I have this motherhood thing figured out! They inspire me with their quirky and sometimes downright scary antics, so hopefully, they amuse you as well!

Real-life moments

Sisterly love

On Instagram, my feed is really truly based on being honest and real. It’s not staged, it’s not fake, it’s not sugar-coated and my blog is the same. Here you get the best of both worlds though, Instagram will only let me say so much. Anyone who knows me…knows how much I like to talk! In any form, I can get carried away when it’s something I’m passionate about.

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Making Friends as an Adult

Maybe it’s just me… but making friends is absolutely hard! Anxiety doesn’t make anything easy, but even before any form of diagnosis it was a difficult mountain to scale. As an introvert, I typically made one friend and was luckily absorbed into said friends group. All my life that’s been…

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SharePoint Online: An introduction

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office, launched in 2001 and primarily sold as a document management and storage system. But what sets it apart is the way its architecture is highly configurable, and its usage varies substantially amongst organizations. 

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Sleep is like my cat. I can call him by his name, but he still won’t come to me.

Shane Koyczan, Canadian spoken word poet