Gramp’s Grub: Local Business Review

Healthy Onion Bread from Gramp’s Grun

We’ve been trying so hard to eat healthy, but I’m a working Mom now. It feels nearly impossible to have the time to make everything happen that needs to in the course of the day.

Our dinner habits however, skyrocketed when we started using Gramp’s Grub meals as the start of our dinners. From the soups and chili to bread and cook at home chicken wings the menu has something for everyone and every taste.

My kids and I are super picky, and that doesn’t help me at mealtime. We’ve tried everything to break it but now I just lean into it so they eat. A moms gotta do! Right? So far not one of the four kids have snubbed their noses at a single dish when I’ve made something from Gramp’s Grub.

Onion bread is a massively favorite hit in this house thanks to some down home baking from the girls Baba. Gramp’s Grub (don’t let her hear this) made my oldest ask if this was hers, because it was better than normal.

My personal favorite so far was the tortilla breakfast wrap, the Garlic Aoili was simply divine. Having these in my house means I actually eat breakfast instead of skipping it. The granola is another that actually makes me want breakfast as a notorious anti-breakfast person.

Breakfast Wraps

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