The youngest of the family turned six months this last week so I’ve been experimenting with her first foods.

Avocados are a super food, high in everything a growing body needs. They are naturally creamy with a smooth texture and don’t require a lot of prep work. It’s a great stage one food since it technically is a fruit and the older kids loved watching the process and playing with the “big seeds”.

I tried it out two different ways, mushed with the fork until tender and baked. Personally I wish I used the food processor but I wanted to see what it was like naturally. I ended up using two smaller avocados and one larger one, the large marge one being scooped out intact with a spoon and then cut length wise and placed on a cookie tray lined with tinfoil.

I baked them at 350°c while I tried feeding her the puree. She wasn’t entirely too sure what to do with this weird substance. It wasn’t breast milk. It wasn’t formula.. This entire process was strange and unusual. She didn’t mind it too much, and I had been semi training her to sit in the high chair during dinner time so she could hang out with us. I’ve found including her in dinner time has made her more interested in food and helped the process along. Before we did this she was absolutely not interested in solids at all.

The texture of the baked fruit snacks was firm yet squishy. It reminded me of playdough that’s been left out a little too long. Great for dexterity and fine motor skills this “dinner” was a smashing success. While she is still too young for real food to replace her milk she seems to be getting the hang of eating. The vitamins and nutritional benefits to eating even a little extra on top of everything else can’t hurt. The three avocados made so much food, we can get used to this new texture and taste before moving onto the next.

It is recommended to stick to one new food a week to make sure you don’t run into any allergies. I’ve never honestly followed this but with the fourth girl already being a completely new experience I’ve been trying to stick a little closer to the recommended guidelines set fourth. She’s an entirely new kettle of fish in every way. It’s insane how different each child is in the same household.

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